become the richest banker in town! lend out credit to the most profitable business and avoid losing businesses like the losers they are! Total Losers! but not you! you can make this whole town booming again! But wait.... Are you capable of staving off a bust?! What goes up...

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Made withUnity
TagsSingleplayer, Tycoon, Unity


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I Know this game is a bit old and you probably wont see this but I wanna say that this is a fun game to play when you have nothing to do, If an update does occur then I would love to be notified. Anyways much love :))

Nice game please update

Thank you! What would you like to see in the update?


Just played through the tutorial! Never knew that this is what's going on... Great voiceacting also. ahaha

Our diverse team of voice actors is renowned for being unrecognisable in any language!

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This game was made for Positive Money New Zealand, to let people play around with the banking system